About us

Het Héerlijcke Hollandsche HandelsHuys is a very experienced company (family business) which engages in producing and developing products that find their way into the food industry. Het Héerlijcke Hollandsche HandelsHuys was founded by Monny van Doorn, with experience of over 30 years. Meanwhile the sales team and quality team is expanded with Bouke de Vries and administration is in hands of Tom van Doorn.

Het Héerlijcke Hollandsche HandelsHuys is specialized in coating your products with breadcrumbs-batters-predusts-melier-breaders.

We also have many specialties for your all kind of crispy and crunchy coatings, such as various types of cereals, extruded products such as maize crispies and rice crispies and gluten-free coatings!

We have a team of product developers, that made your products tailor made with taste and functionality.

Meet the team

Monny van Doorn


Working in the coating industry for more than 38 years. With my passion for our customers and our beautiful product, I would like to dedicate myself to you.

Tom van Doorn

Office manager

If you call for an order, there is a good chance that you have me on the phone.

Bouke de Vries

Business development and QA

Together with my colleagues Tom, Crystal and Monny, I can support the sales and development of HHHHH and help our customers with questions regarding quality, food safety and product information.

Crystal Uranbolor

Administrative assistant

Administration, and processing of order and stock data.