Breadcrumbs are produced at Brata Paniermehl situated at Neuss, Germany. Brata is a leading producer of breadcrumbs in Europe with a highly sophisticated plant and test center.
Thanks to our in-house Pilot Plant, the realization of new recipe ideas is no longer trial and error. Here our customers can join our breader specialists to carry out trials in conditions which replicate their own production environment. Often enough such trials trigger great new ideas, which can be perfected and fine-tuned to market requirements on the spot.
Dialogue with you helps us to develop new breadcrumb solutions. In this way, we can attempt to provide you with answers to your practical problems relating to breadcrumb coatings.
Our quality and skills, freshness and variety, perfection and partnership have been the decisive criteria of our production for many decades.
With numerous innovations for the industry, we have turned the name BRATA into a highly appreciated concept for high-quality breadcrumb coating systems.


Solina Netherlands mainly mixed products such as, spice blends, fish mixes, sauces, marinade, produced on several highly sophisticated production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark and Sweden. Solina Group offers solutions targeted at three levels:
Taste & Visual Solutions – culinary flavor solutions for the food and the whole food service industry.
Functional Solutions – Custom, functional solutions for the entire food industry focusing on the meat industry. Creative solutions to the improvement of flavor, color, texture and stability of finished products.
Nutritional Solutions – The nutritional division of Solina creates and develops dietary products and supplements, as well as healthy food.

Silesian Flour

Silesian Flour is our partner in Heat Treaded Flours and Batter systems.
Modified Flour is an factory that develops and specialises thermo-heat treated flour supplying high value products to the food manufacturing industry.
Modified Flour production capacity operates with modern equipment and machinery to the highest quality standards.
Together with Het H’eerlijcke Hollandsche HandelHuys, Silesian Flour produce from high sophisticated production facility at Poland many modified flours and batter systems for European market.

Ripon Select Foods

Ripon Select Foods is our partner for high quality UK products like real Rusk and special oven bread and Tempura batters.

Heebink Logistic Services

Heebink Logistic Services is our partner for storage and distribution. We have access to a modern and functional Food warehouse for our goods. Durability, hygiene, quality and food safety are very important issue!
The H’eerlijcke Hollandsche HandelsHuys has a large Food-styled warehouse where we provide our customers daily with our products in the Benelux and the UK