The crispy bite for your product!

Breadcrumbs has influence on the color, flavor, texture and stability of your product, whether it is fish, meat, chicken or snacks, we always have a suitable solution. Various qualities of bread crumbs as: standard, ultra crunch, Mastercrumb or panko and are some of the possibilities. These types are available in various colors and granulations.

Brata Breadcrumbs is the largest European factory in breadcrumbs.Brata and Het H’eerlijcke Hollandsche HandelsHuys already have a long cooperation in the field of coating your products. Below are some options and in the menu you can find more information.

Some options:

  • Standard breadcrumbs in all color variants and granulations
  • Oven suitable breadcrumbs
  • Mix breadcrumbs with decorations
  • Breadcrumbs with flavor (various herbs and spices)
  • luten-free breadcrumbs in the colors white, yellow and orange and various granulations
  • Japanese Crumbs (Panko)
  • Special Crunchy UK-type