Adapted to your use!

Pre-dust is often used as a first step in the coating process, to optimize that the coating sticks to your product. In addition, a pre-dust makes a crispier and tastier product, we can add taste and functional ingredients to pre-dust according your wishes.

Het H’eerlijcke Hollandsche HandelsHuys has many recipes for pre-dust according to your wishes for your final product. This is based on breadcrumbs (fine) or, for example, flour and starches products or specific mixes.


Some of the Pre-dusts:

Lemon Pepper



Some examples:

  • Standard predusts (Fine breadcrumbs)
  • Special predust (Rusk UK)
  • Functional predust
  • Predust with taste (Lemon, Pepper, Garlic)

Flavoured options:

  • Lemon & Cracked Black Pepper
  • Louisiana Fried Chicken
  • Smokey Cajun
  • Garlic & Herb
  • Sun Dried Tomato
  • Churrasco
  • Tandoori

Functional options:

  • High Adhesive
  • Pre-cooked
  • High starch
  • Coarse (to allow free flow through processing equipment)
  • Fry-Free

All can be suitably tailored for meat, poultry, fish or vegetable applications.