From sachet to bulk packing!

Het H’eerlijcke Hollandsche HandelsHuys has a large selection of sauces and marinades available in its product range. You can also choose from a variety of packaging options. From sachet to bulk packaging! This can be tailor-made for you for fish, meat or other applications.

Based on previous development processes for our customers we continue to build these excellent products. Examples include the introduction of sauces and marinades for the industry, from container to sachet packaging. Many variants have already been developed at the request of customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for the possibilities.

GoldenTasteUnder the GoldenTaste® brand you have access to world-class products of excellent quality. The products are specially composed and GoldenTaste® guarantees a stable and high quality. We would like to present this product line to you in a personal conversation. Just taste or try, this is certainly possible. Ask for the possibilities!